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Hi there

Eleonora Spada - 21/08/2021

Hello, I’m going to share important information with you.
Have you heard about Pegasus?
You have become a collateral victim. It’s very important that you read =
the information below.

Your phone was penetrated with a “zero-click” attack, =
meaning you didn’t even need to click on a malicious link for your phone =
to be infected.
Pegasus is a malware that infects iPhones and Android devices and =
enables operator of the tool to extract messages, photos and emails,
record calls and secretly activate cameras or microphones, and read the =
contents of encrypted messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, =
Telegram and Signal.

Basically, it can spy on every aspect of your life. That’s precisely =
what it did.
I am a blackhat hacker and do this for a living. Unfortunately you are =
my victim. Please read on.

As you understand, I have used the malware capabilities to spy on =
And by that I mean that I have collected your parts of your private =

My only goal is to make money. And I have perfect leverage for this.
As you can imagine in your worst dream, I have videos of you exposed =
during the most private moments of your life, when you are not expecting =

I personally have no interest in them, but there are public websites, =
that have perverts loving that content.
As I said, I only do this to make money and not trying to destroy your =
life. But if necessary, I will publish the videos.
If this is not enough for you, I will make sure your contacts, friends =
and everybody you know see those videos as well.

Here is the deal. I will delete the files after I receive 0.035 Bitcoin =
(about 1600 US Dollars).
You need to send that amount here =

I will also clear your device from malware, and you keep living your =
Otherwise, shit will happen.

The fee is non negotiable, to be transferred within 2 business =

Obviously do not try to ask for any help from anybody unless you want =
your privacy to be violated.
I will monitor your every move until I get paid. If you keep your end of =
the agreement, you wont hear from me ever again.
Take care.

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